Hi! Welcome to our showcase page.

Meet the Jeak framework for TeamSpeak 3 servers:

Ever set up a Minecraft server with plugins?
We wanted to have this, just for TeamSpeak.
So we built just that!

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What is the Jeak framework?

For everyone

The Jeak framework is a new and open source framework written in Java.
It allows users to enhance their TeamSpeak 3 Server by installing plugins.
Plugins can be installed just like plugins for Minecraft - by dragging a Jar-file into the “plugins” directory.
Choose exactly what you want for your server - it’s all yours!
Some plugins are already available for download - developed and released by us. :)

For developers

It allows any developer to create plugins that interact with a TeamSpeak server.
We aim to reduce the burden by taking care of many, usually tedious, things that an own application would have to implement.
With Jeak, developers can focus on what they really want to do: Code their awesome feature!

Plugins can communicate with the framework via an extensive plugin API which covers every part of the framework and provides stable and reliable contracts for plugin developers to work with.

For hosting providers

The Jeak framework project is completely free to use (M.I.T. licensed) even commercially.
We distribute all installation archives with extensive license information about our dependencies (please check their licenses too, as we cannot give reliable legal advice).
If you integrate the framework into your hosting business, feel free to ask for a partnership.

How does Jeak accomplish this?

The framework contains many services that plugins can utilize to do what they need to do.
Each service is only responsible for one functionality which results in very modular implementation code.
Additionally, plugins can register their own services to provide other dependent plugins with their functionality.

We believe that creating and freely distributing the project helps the bigger cause of improving TeamSpeak 3 experience for everyone.
Although not enforced, we urge all plugin developers to do the same for their plugins and serve the community :)
Even without developing a plugin, anyone can actively help the project by contributing by other means:

What services do currently exist?

The following services are currently available for plugins to use: